David Manners

A rugby playing, magento developing Scot living in Germany

I have been working with PHP for the past 8 years and have specialised into Magento for the last 4 years. I am currently Senior Software Architect at Sitewards in Frankfurt Germany.

One of my biggest passions is developer welfare, but I also enjoy the challenge of a good regular expression. Currently I host a youtube channel MageEngage where I meet out about the people behind the twitter handles.

Family life is also very important to me and I love nothing more than spending time with my wife and two young sons. I also love to keep fit and playing rugby.

As part of moving to Germany my wife and I help start Hope City Church Frankfurt


I have given a select of talks over the years at a wide variety of events.

Mistake Driven Development

Everybody makes mistakes, but we tend to hide from them. Mistakes can be tough to take, can cause real worry and most of the time are embarrassing. Sadly for us making mistakes is part of being human, but the key is not avoiding mistakes all together but admitting it and using it to learn and improve.

Avoiding Burnout

A developer can lead a stressful and lonely life sometimes or at least that is how it feels. Over the past years I have worked on improving my quality of life and avoid burnout but still making great software. I will highlight what steps I have taken in my life to help with avoiding burnout, building a work/life balance and building a family. My aim is to inspire developers to a better quality of life and code.

Don't be a git

In modern web development git seems to be the version control system of choice. It is incredibly powerful but as we all know with great power comes great responsibility. In this talk I would like to step through some does and don’ts of working with git, and talk about team workflow with git.

Dev bedtime stories

Being a father I spend a lot of my evenings reading bedtime stories. Now these stories often have a ryhme to them and get stuck in your head. Because of this I have started to write my own stories about for developers.