Rob and Bob enjoy their jobs As web developers at "Blob and Glob". But over time they became lazy, And their processes did turn hazy.

But then they grew, and along came Sue. She brought with her something fresh and new.

With every task a dev would do, Now they needed a peer review. Her aim was not to be mean; Sue knew that this would help the team.

She showed the team the tools and process. To help them learn, to help them progress.

When every pull request comes in, The automated checks begin. They check for things like style and format. For duplication, dead code, performance. And after all these checks are through, The system returns a score for you.

Once the score for your code is green. Then you may pass it on to your team.

The team will check that what you've done, Is actually something that they could run. They will check for features, loops, and more, One final check before it leaves the door.

Now Rob and Bob enjoy their jobs, As web developers at "Blob and Glob". They will be there long as you can see; because now they're open to opportunity.